Exotic Cars and SUVs

Minimum Age requirements are strictly enforced and ensure proper insurance protection. All renters who allow an underage driver will be fined $2,500 and their rental will be immediately canceled.

18 - 23+
Driver's License

Every driver is required to be listed on the rental agreement and provide a VALID and NON-EXPIRED drivers license with the name matching EXACTLY the name on the rental agreement. Note: International Drivers Licenses are accepted.

United States
Driver's License
Car Insurance

Every driver is required to have an active car insurance policy before driving one of our rental vehicles.

Upgrade Options
Prepaid Fuel Credits

Allows you to return the vehicle without needing to refuel beforehand. Note: ALL vehicles (including auto/moto cycles) require 91 OCTANE RATING fuel. Anyone caught using lower quality fuel will be fined $2,500 and responsible for any subsequent damages resulting from improper fuel.


Get the vehicle delivered anywhere you are under 50 miles.